About Me

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 I have been involved in photography since my teen's and the school paper. Later I studied the graphic arts. I am an avid outdoorsman with numerous articles published in outdoor magazines. In the 80's I set up a darkroom, developing black & white images and slides. My cameras included point and shoot, 2 ¼, 35 mm S.L.R. and digital. I was born in Michigan and have spent the last 20 years in the Traverse City area. After retirement we have traveled the country, mainly in a R/V, photographing nature.One of our first trips after I retired was to the Florida Everglades where the birds were magnificent with many in there mating plumage. This was the beginning of an enjoyable focus on photographing bird . However it also created the opportunity to view and photograph other wildlife and new places and landscapes in this beautiful country of ours. It has given me the opportunity to identify birds and their habits, meet great people, and to continually develop my photographic and birding skills. I have enjoyed the challenge of capturing image's of a less then totally co-operative subject with varied backgrounds and changing weather and lighting conditions. I have photographed over 300 different species of birds capturing many of there actions and stunning colors. I decided to publish a book with one of my best images of each bird as an upscale coffee table book primarily for family, however it is available at blurb.com's bookstore under “birds of our travels” or just click books in the menu. I have set the complete book viewable, so I hope you take a look and enjoy the photo's.